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* Please note that all students can register for a course at any of our partner schools.
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Marriotts Ridge High School SAT340
Tuesday, August 8, 2017 from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm & Thursday, August 10, 2017 from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm __________________________________ Class Location: Marriotts Ridge High School 12100 Woodford Drive Marriottsville, MD 21104 Room 200 __________________________________ Class Description: During th ...
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For Schools and School Organizations

We invite you to become our partner and join a growing list of high schools who have chosen The Answer. By partnering with us, you provide a much-needed service to your students and their families -- affordable and convenient SAT & ACT test prep – and a helpful fundraising source for your school. 

The Basics

We partner with high schools and school organizations to offer SAT& ACT preparation courses that are both convenient (courses are held at your school) and affordable (courses range from $129 - $159). By hosting our focused and comprehensive SAT &/or ACT prep courses at your school, you will help your students both to increase their test-taking skills and confidence and also to improve their college applications.

In fact, your entire school will reap rewards since we provide a 20% rebate on all tuition collected. Either your school or school organization (such as PTSA, Junior Class, Booster Club, etc.) can receive the 20% donation or we can lower the tuition to $129 for the full prep course so your families enjoy the savings. You decide which option works best for your students and your school.

As well families who register early receive a $10 discount (lowering tuition to $119/ $149). We also provide to schools one free course every session to offer to a deserving student who would not have the means to pay otherwise. Scholarships are also available to other deserving students.

And best of all, your organization and your students have very little work to do. We provide the instructors, course material, review packets, as well as all of the promotional material for the classes. We also handle all administrative aspects of the course, including registration and money collection and communication with families. All the school has to do is reserve a classroom and let families know about the course.


Why Partner with The Answer? 


Schools partner with us because our educational fundraiser works for the entire school community -- students, families, parent volunteers, and school administrators. In fact, this year, every single one of our partner schools has asked us to return to continue holding SAT and/or ACT prep classes for their students!  

Our Educational Fundraiser works because it’s: 

  • EASY – The school has little work to do as we handle all administrative aspects of the course 
  • SAFE - Involves NO door-to-door selling and no bringing money to school
  • USEFUL - Enables you to sponsor a program that students really NEED
  • CONVENIENT – The eight-hour course is held at your school
  • LUCRATIVE - Provides a recurring source of revenue 
  • CONSISTENT – School may offer the course throughout the school year 
  • FLEXIBLE – Choose course dates and times that work for your students
  • WORTHWHILE - Benefits your school, county, and state reputations


With tuition of only $159*, 50 students attending The Answer SAT or ACT prep courses earns your school over $1500! 

For more information or to become a partner, please email us at: info@theanswerclass.com or call (410) 997-3006 or (866) 345-PREP. 

*Those who register at least one week ahead of their course date receive a $10 discount.